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Lamar Odom’s new bride Khloe Kardashian has been branded a liar.

The reality TV star recently claimed that she had bonded with her husband Lamar Odom’s two children. But Liza Morales – Lamar’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama — says Khloe hasn’t been telling the truth.

Here’s what she said about Khloe according to globalgrind.com:

“Friends and family informed me of a recent cover story on Khloe Kardashian which had several inaccuracies,” Morales revealed. She has known Odom for fifteen years and they have three children together (their six-month old son Jayden died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

“First of all it was reported that Khloe and my daughter Destiny have bonded. It quotes Khloe saying my daughter flew out to LA to meet Khloe when her and Lamar first started dating, that is…… basically a lie,” she continued.

“My daughter met Khloe for about 10-15 minutes here in New York when Khloe and Lamar came to New York. I don’t think a 15 minute meet and greet with a child can be defined as a bonding experience for anyone.”

In the article, Kardashian said she had yet to meet her stepson Lamar Jr. because he was “too young to travel.” Morales denies the story. “The truth is my 8-year-old son told me he didn’t want to meet her at that time,” Morales reveals.

“She is also quoted saying that her and Lamar are trying to be sensitive with me and that comment puzzled me. If she said these things I think that her and Lamar and the magazine that published these lies should not worry about being sensitive with me but with what they say about my children.”

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Take a look at Khloe below:

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