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Khloe and Lamar’s ex jump off, Claudia Jordan, went in on each other at a Hollywood party. According to bossip.com, it appears that Claudia and Khloe, roll in the same social circles, and recently got into a face to face, verbal altercation at a friend’s home during a small party. Apparently Khloe went in hard on Claudia and almost brought her to tears. But Claudia had it coming to her because she instigated the whole fight. Claudia arrived first and then Khloe came in after her, solo.

Khloe and Lamar have a fight in public

They initially tried to ignore each other but all hell broke loose when Claudia was heard saying “I can’t believe he left me for a MAN” and “Oh, well… I guess big girls need love, too!” It wasn’t too long before Khloe heard about Claudia talking behind her back and approached her on it. She told her if she wanted to talk trash about her, Don’t do it behind her back! We hear curses and tempers flared as the two went at it. After a while we heard Claudia disappeared.

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Take a look at Khloe below:

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