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Pulling it together when you’re a sniffly, sneezy mess isn’t always easy. But there are a few little tricks that’ll help. (From Glamour)

Tip 1) Invest in a hard-core moisturizer for your nose. Friction from tissues can irritate the hell out of your nose and leave it all dry and red. One way to combat this is to smear a night cream on in between nose blowings. And if that doesn’t help, then it’s time to call in the big guns, which means Vaseline. Just don’t smear it all over your face if you’re acne prone.

Tip 2) Add blush. The reasoning is the same here as it was with Tip 2—you’ve got to add some color to your face to fake the look of wellness. Unless you have a fever, that is, in which case you’re probably flushed. And you should stop worrying about what you look like and go to a doctor.

Tip 3) Tuck your eye cream in the fridge. A cool cream will feel good on your tired lids and make you feel refreshed. Plus it helps with puffiness.


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