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So, we all know that this year’s Inauguration is a pretty big deal. Millions of people are coming from across the country to celebrate this momentous occasion, but can you imagine how many fashion casualties there are going to be due to the stilettos, club dresses, and over-done hairdos that are SURE to make an appearance?

Huffington Post’s Karen Tanabe hit the nail on the head when it came to this issue. Check out part of the article below.

What to wear to the momentous inauguration of our 44th president? Sure, it’s one of the most historic days in the chronicle of our great nation and a sizable slice of our country is more excited about this than they were about their own weddings, but no pressure at all! On January 20th, all eyes will be on fashionably-challenged Washington, and this time they won’t be crying over four more years of string ties and Stetsons.

If you are completely unhinged like myself, and have decided that this groundbreaking swearing-in ceremony cannot happen without your presence, then get ready to look uglier than you ever have before. The weather will most likely be cold enough for us to channel Brian Boitano and ice skate our way to the national mall, and the population of our capital city will be six times what it should be, making it possible for you to relive your days sweating in a mosh pit to the relaxing sounds of Megadeth.

So what does one wear to be sandwiched between total strangers for hours while craning your neck to see a Jumbotron in sub-zero weather? Clothing you never want to see again. Don’t mind if a reveler accidentally flambés your parka? Then by all means wear it. And then throw another one on top for good measure. Spent your entire month’s salary on stilettos so fabulous you had them sewn to your feet? It’s time to cut them off and wear the sensible shoes favored by nuns and your Aunt Mildred.

So what do YOU think is the best thing to wear to Inauguration? Let us know!

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