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There is a little known phenomenon amongst black women and it goes like this: You are lying in the bed with your boyfriend who also happens to be black, this is the first time that the two of you are about to have sex. He is kissing you all over, while sending tingles down your spine. When you get to his “sensitive area,” you ‘feel’ pleasantly surprised, but not shocked thinking, ‘just enough’ but hoping that he knows how to do the work.

No Judgement Fridays: The Art Of The One Night Stand

Then you ask the responsible question: “Do you have a condom?” You can see out the corner of your eye a sparkling, gold, square package. He pulls it closer and you notice that the wrapper has bold black writing, yes it says Magnum. He has a Magnum, large size condom that he is about to put on his medium size penis—why!

Now you know two things about your man:

1) He has no point of reference: That’s not that bad because maybe he never peeked while in his high school gym class, at a urinal, or he is not a porno junkie.

2) He is delusional about what he is working with: This is the hard one because some silly girl lied and now you have to dash the man’s hopes of being the biggest penis of all time.

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