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Solange’s new man Wale, recently sat down with to discuss the pressure surrounding the sales of his debut album “Attention Deficit”, as well as his relationship with Solange Knowles.

Here’s what he had to say about Solange:

“I do love her,” he admits of Solange, flashing a Cheshire. “We’re friends. She’s amazing. She’s a good person. Any single mother contributing to society the way she does – I got a lot of love for them. She’s got to do a lot on her own and raise a young black man in this day and age so my hat goes off to her. She’s definitely an anomaly. And the way she can do that and manage to do the same things that I complain about having to do.” His affection is as obvious as a set of flushed cheeks. An impossibly adorable. Wale, the former mixtape rapper from inner city DC, is borderline giddy. “Did you interview Solange about me?” Wale asks. He’s sprawled across his bed; head practically buried in the pillow. “Did she smile when you mentioned my name?”

Sounds like someone is in love!!

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