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Here’s what you can do to teach your kids delayed gratification when it comes to candy and sweets this Halloween:

1) Don’t stock your faves

Buy Halloween candy to dole out just a few days before, or on the day of, Halloween, so no one is tempted around the house

2) Pay attention to portions

Candy is a big part of Halloween fun. Parents should never feel they have to say no to everything. But it is especially important to pay attention to portions when it comes to candy, since candy is nutrient-poor, calorie-dense, and promotes cavities.

3) Use the candy for crafts.

Make a gingerbread haunted house and have each kid contribute a certain amount of candy for the project. If you are not crafty but like the idea of a haunted gingerbread house, order one that is pre-made and add your candy to it as extra boo-tiful.

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