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Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought shoes were made for walking. An Ohio exotic dancer Chetania Davis has been sentenced to a year of probation for attacking a fellow exotic dancer in the face with a stiletto heel. WHAT?????

According to, Davis, who is eight months pregnant, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Akron to a misdemeanor assault charge.

Prosecutors say Davis used the heel to stab her 52-year-old co-worker Jo Nolan several times April 17 in the club dressing room of Club 1245, causing wounds that required seven staples. It was the older woman’s first day on the job.

Police had said she was attacked because Davis didn’t think the club needed more dancers.

Defense attorney Tom DiCaudo maintains Davis was defending herself during a fight. He says she took the plea to move on with her life.

The judge also suspended a six-month jail sentence.

Can someone tell me why a 52-year-old woman is stripping?? Are times that hard? SMH!!!

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