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Beyonce is hands down our favorite bland songstress. She produces certified bangers and keeps aiming at total perfection with acute precision that is hard to rival.  Somehow she gets us to flick our left hands and shake out tail feathers with out ever shaking things up. Her music catalog is a long list of great songs, but perhaps they could have been just a tad bit better (or funnier) if she had some help.  There are quite a few tunes that would have made the Queen Bey just a lil’ more interesting and unexpected, had they been collabos.

In honor of Bey’s dynamic pairing with Lady Gaga for the upcoming “Video Phone” single, here are a list of collaborations that should have been:

1.) Bugaboo – Beyonce feat. Lil Mama

On the Bugaboo collaboration Lil Mama doesn’t actually rap. She just sits near Beyonce and listens as she goes in. “You’re bugging who, you’re bugging Jay, you’re bugging me and don’t you see it aint cool.”

2.) Baby Boy – Jay Z feat Beyonce

Not only is Bey being reduced to a feature on this song’s remix, but she is also collaborating with Jay-Z.  The poor guy just goes on and on about his desire for a child (“baby boy you stay on my mind, fulfill my fantasy”), while Bey ad-libs things like “in the future,” and “when I can’t dance anymore.” What a sad song.

3.) Diva – Beyonce feat. Prince

The remix of this song features the original diva, Prince. Can’t you just hear Prince taking her to school? “She aint no diva!!!”

4.) Crazy In Love – Beyonce Feat. Whitney & Bobby

Well, they say Whitney and Bobby are over. But wouldn’t it have been great if Bey harnessed the wackiness of their crack-fueled love affair before it ended, and put it on wax? I can just see Bobby getting arrested and Whit singing “uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh nah nah…”

5.) Ego – Beyonce Feat. Kanye

The formula for this egotistical combination is perfect; except on this remix, Kanye keeps interrupting Bey: “Excuse me Beyonce, I don’t mean to be rude but I have the biggest Ego of all time!” We believe you Kanye.

6.)Ring The Alarm – Feat. Foxy Brown & Lil Kim

On this remix Foxy and Kim go in, and reminisce about what it was like to be awoken by the sounds of COs screaming “cell fight, ring the alarm!” Smh. Do better female rappers.

Check out this gallery for a visualization of these remix combos:

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