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TMZ has reported that rapper Soulja Boy is behind on his rent and is in jeopardy of being evicted from his luxury Los Angeles apartment.

They obtained a letter from his landlord that read: “We have received complaints of noise disturbances and guests wandering the hallway and Observation Deck. This is a direct violation of your Lease Agreement. Additionally, we were notified that you had over 10 cars parked in guest parking on the evening of September 25th. This is a violation of your lease … which states, ‘You may have no more than two overnight guests at a time unless we provide specific approval.'”

The letter came a week before the landlord sent the rapper a bill for $9,376.10 in unpaid rent.

Soulja Boy responded by Tweeting, of course:

“I see these blog sites trying to tear me down, yall got me f***ed up. You can make up all the stories you won’t on me. NUMBERS DON’T LIE!” and “What um tryna figure out tho is how u gon hate and say a n**** is broke who is CLEARY gettin money? Sh** makes no since.”

And then he stupidly posted a video flaunting hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry, luxury bags and backpacks, and an unprotected box full of cold hard cash.

Mind you, he was robbed last December.

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