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If I could sum up pretty much everything I want my kids to know before they leave my house and out into the “real world,” these life lessons would make the top 10:

1. Be nice to each other.

2. Learn as much as you can. Read books more often than you watch movies. Expand your vocabulary. If you realize you don’t know the answer to something, go figure it out.

3. Be nice to others.

4. Be focused. Learn your strengths.

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5. Love hard.

6. Be good people.

7. Accept when you’ve given something your best and it doesn’t work out. That’s just a life lesson, not a failure.

8. Situations usually work out best for people who choose to make the best out of situations they’re in. Always remember that.

9. It never hurts to look at an argument from the other person’s shoes. Even if you’re convinced you’re right. Especially if you’re convinced you’re right.

What lessons do you want your kids to learn?

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