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On Friday’s episode of The Wendy Show, Chris Rock and Nia Long make an appearance to promote their new documentary, “Good Hair.” Among the topics discussed was a their first (and only) date.  Apparently, the two were hooked up on a blind date several years ago, but things didn’t go so well because Chris ended up giving Nia the wrong number at the end of the date! Who does that?!

Chris explains that the date took place back when he was working on Saturday Night Live, but before Nia was famous.  When he asked Nia if she was seeing anyone at the time, she responded “No, but I know where to get some d**k if I need it.” I guess this struck a bad chord with Chris because when he dropped her off, he gave her some phony digits, and never called. Ouch!

Check out the clip here:

Check out this gallery of the two promoting “Good Hair:”

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