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Beauty products are expensive. There are a number of ways to stretch those hard-earned dollars without sacrificing results.

1. Revive Your Nail Polish: If your polish brush no longer reaches the bottom of the bottle, add a few drops of nail polish remover, shake the bottle and voila. New nail polish. Also, invest in a long thin paintbrush to access those hard to reach last bits before you trash the bottle for good.

2. Maximize Mascara: Is your favorite mascara all dried up? Use a hair dryer to heat it up, or soak the tube in hot water to re-liquify. Remember, though: mascara should be thrown out after 3-6 months of use to avoid infections.

3. Make Lipstick Last:  Scrape the lipstick dregs out of bottom of the tube, place inside of a pill box, contact lens case or a very small plastic paint palette and microwave for about 10 seconds. Then, put the melted lipstick in the fridge to harden in your new “container.” You might need to use a lipstick brush to apply, but that’s cheaper than a whole new tube of Chanel!

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4. Longer Life Lip Liner: To keep lip and eyeliners moist and firm, store them in the refrigerator between uses.

5. From Powder to Gloss: Take leftover powdered blush (when it’s cracked and you can hardly get it on the brush) and mix with Vaseline for a pink, sparkly lip gloss.

6. From Dust to Gold: If your blush or eye shadow cracks and falls apart, put all of the pieces in a plastic baggie and pound into a powder. Then, dip a make-up brush in to use the powdery bits.

7. Spritz and Save: When your favorite perfumes have almost vanished into fumes, add water to the perfume bottle, shake it up and transfer to a spray bottle (unless your perfume bottle is already an atomizer, in which case use that). Voila! Instant body spray!

8. Turn Powder to Crème Shadows: To change the look of a powder eye shadow you’ve had for a while, apply a little Vaseline to your lid before applying the shadow for a creamier, richer color that will “pop” and look ultra-modern – like you just visited the latest make-up counter.

9. Freeze Frame: If your make up keeps melting off while you’re applying it during the hot summer months, open the freezer door and let your face cool down to help your make-up set. That way, you won’t have to keep re-applying and wasting more make-up.

10. Cheap Shine-Stoppers: If you run out of blotting papers and want to de-shine your face on a humid day, toilet seat covers are a great stand-in.

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