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Tionne Watkins, aka T-Boz from TLC, revealed to People magazine in its latest issue that she secretly battled a brain tumor for 3 years. Back in 2006, the singer underwent a 7-hour surgery to rid her of the tumor, which was the size of a grapefruit and had left her blind and deaf for months. The doctor peeled it from the brain stem by making a cut behind her ear.

A quote from the magazine reads, “People are floored when I say I have a brain tumor. I won’t let you feel sorry for me. We’ll make jokes, get through it, and the bad stuff will just be a memory.”

She also explained why she decided to appear and participate on this years “Celebrity Apprentice” regardless of her condition, saying “I didn’t want pity – I was there to help sick children. I’m still here. It will take way more to stop me.”

She says she is now happy and healthy. She also did an interview with CBS News on the subject, but the air date is still unknown.

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