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Have you ever met someone who is constantly surrounded by drama? You know, the one that has random people at the door ready to fight, an evil boss, backstabbing friends, bad kids, the man that’s doing them dirty, the dog that ate their dress shoes. I’m sure you know this person. Maybe you are this person.

I used to think that dealing with drama was like catching a cold in the winter. People who were always surrounded by drama were just victims of unfortunate circumstance. Then I realized that while problems are something that everyone has to deal with in life, having those problems consistently spiral into an out-of-control, dramatic situation, usually has more to do with a person’s own drama queen qualities than the situation itself.

5 signs of a friendship gone bad

I’m always one for performing a good self check every now and again so I’ve decided to come up with a few quick ways to know whether the drama that has taken over your life could be because you, in fact, are a drama queen (or king).

You might be the problem if:

Every sordid detail of your life is posted on facebook, myspace, or twitter: Just because your spouse drank all of the orange juice doesn’t mean it’s time to change your relationship status from married to “in a relationship and it’s complicated.” If you have to tell all of your real-life friends, your facebook friends, and a few people you don’t know every time something goes wrong in your life, you may have a flair for the dramatic.

You are always involved in confrontations for “no reason”: Do you ever notice that people that are surrounded by act as though they themselves are never the source of it. They are quick to tell everyone about the woman that is calling them up to harass them and equally as quick to leave out the time they slept with that woman’s husband. In my opinion, fights should never be an every day occurrence. If they are you may want to evaluate your own drama-queen/king-like qualities.

Everyone else is crazy: Does everyone else have some type of issue that makes them impossible to get along with? Do you find yourself complaining about “people” all the time. Is everyone you encounter dumb or crazy. If this is you, you may need to remember that old saying about pointing the finger and how many fingers are pointing back at you.

If you still feel like you need some drama in your life to keep things interesting just remember this: The Young and the Restless airs every weekday at 12:30pm EST. If you’re not home at that time, record it and watch it later. I know I do.

Is it time to end the friendship?

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