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Start looking for that  baby shower gift for Mariah!!!

During a new interview with In Touch Weekly, the singer, along with her hubby Nick Cannon- Carey, opens up about her career, love life, and her desire to be a mommy.

When asked if they want kids, Mariah says they “definitely” want a family while Nick adds:

“Yes, of course. It’s at the forefront of our minds. We’re very close. But we want to enjoy our first year together. We didn’t have a stable environment. The first year we were in LA in a hotel and then we were like, “Let’s get a house.”

Though the couple can’t decide if they’re gonna raise the kids in New York or LA, but they do know they’d like two kids.

Mariah’s sexy photo shoot with Nick

Mariah adds:

Of course, we’d be happy with one. I want to be able to manage the right amount of attention. We are so busy – if you have six kids running around, no one gets what they need. Kids need a lot of attention.”

And if Mariah gets too old to have kids of her own, adoption isn’t out of the question.

Says Nick, “It’s never out of the question. I was raised by my grandmother, who was also a foster mom, so I grew up around a lot of kids.”

But what about the extra weight gained during pregnancy? According to Mimi, she won’t mind it.

Adds the diva:

“I’d be fine with it. I’m not one of those people who is usually a size 2 to start with and gets scared they will end up a size 3.

We would love to see a little Mimi running around sometime next year.

Take a look at the couple:

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