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Flavor Flav has elaborated on his upcoming reality-TV show. After teaming up with producer Eric Ortner, the rapper is shopping a new show to networks that would follow him as he earns his high school diploma.

“I just want to show the world it’s never too late to get your diploma, and show kids they should stay in school and not wait until you’re old to get it,” Flav tells the Hollywood Reporter. “Everybody sees me as this big love mogul. Now I got a baby girl, I’ve been there and done that and now it’s time for the next episode.”

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“NOOO! Flavor Flav To Return To TV”

Hip-hop hypeman-turned-ridiculous reality TV star Flavor Flav is plotting his return to the television screen. Flav told in a recent interview that he has some upcoming projects in the works.

“I’m working on a reality show and a talk show, going back to high school. I got a talk show coming, y’all ain’t going to be mad at ya boy.”

Sure, it’s vague, but it’s enough to make us want to boycott whatever series he’s about to air. He made his debut in 2004 on VH1’s “The Surreal Life,” and then went on to star alongside Brigitte Nielsen in a spin-off entitled “Strange Love.” After that, he hosted three seasons of the reality dating competition “Flavor of Love.”

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