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Remember Grace Miguel, the older woman that Usher is involved with? Well I’m hearing that the Grace, who is a Def Jam exec was forced out of a job. According to, L.A. Reid forced Grace to resign last week. And yes, it was because of the bad press they’ve been getting after her relationship with Usher was made public.

Here’s what I learned:

Said source confirmed for us that Usher not only cheated on soon to be ex-wife Tameka with Grace, who is 12 years his senior…but Grace was indeed married at the time as well. She filed for divorce conveniently around the same time Usher did. Tameka was also married and “filing for divorce” around the same time she and Usher got together. Now that’s karma for that ass. But for who exactly? It’s actually seeming like Déjà Vu…

Is Tameka stalking Usher’s new woman?

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