Hello Beautiful,

My name is Sanya Richards and at 24 yrs old I almost feel like I’m living a dream. This season after already being a two-time Olympic Champion at the 4x400m relay, and running the fastest 400m in US history, I claimed my first World title. It was an amazing experience and left me knowing that hard work and patience really do pay off.

Track and field has always been one of my greatest passions and because of it I have been taught some of life’s most valuable lessons, I have been able to make a great living, and I have become a citizen of the world! It’s a huge part of who I am but it doesn’t define me. I have lots of interests and things I enjoy investing my energy in!

So here’s a little more about me:

First and most important, I am a Christian that believes God is in control of all things. I believe that everything happens in His perfect timing and according to His will.

I am also madly in love with my college sweetheart! We’ve been together for six years and are planning our wedding for my 25th birthday in February. We’re working with famed wedding planner Donnie Brown from “Whose Wedding is it Anyways?” He’s been amazing! If the dress I’ve chosen is any indication of how my wedding is going to be, two words, MIND BLOWING!

I have an amazing family that supports me in everything I do. My parents are my managers and I am part owner of my sister’s salon and beauty supply store in Austin, Texas.

I love everything about fashion, trends, and music! I am probably one of the few athletes that care more about matching and looking pretty than comfort!

However, as we all know life always has a way of throwing us a curve ball and I have definitely had my fair share of disappointments on and off the track. In 2007 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Behcets Syndrome. It is very rare in African American women and causes skin lesions, mouth ulcers, joint pain, and fatigue. It has been my greatest challenge balancing my health with my training and competitions, but by the Grace of God and great doctors I have still been able to do what I love to do at a high level.

Well this is only a glimpse into who I am…..I look forward to blogging on Hello Beautiful a site that caters to women just like me

Stay tuned…..

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