Say it ain’t so!!!! After the much-hyped two-part Oprah interview with Whitney Houston last week, where Whitney¬† described Bobby Brown’s emotional and physical abuse, her own decline into drug addiction, and her decision to get clean. It was a powerful interview, and Oprah had every right to be proud of her “get”. But, as it turns out, all of the real drama was happening behind the scenes! the National Enquirer is claiming it wasn’t as much of a mutual admiration between the two women.

The publication’s website claims:

Bad blood has been simmering between the superstars for years over Whitney’s struggle with drugs – and their secret feud exploded off camera when the pop diva angrily blasted Oprah as a liar!

“Whitney knew Oprah’s show could help her clean up her tarnished image after years of drug use and her troubled marriage to Bobby Brown – and Oprah knew the interview could help her sagging TV ratings,” says an insider.

“But Whitney felt Oprah needed her more than she needed Oprah. Whitney was contacted by various media outlets vying for the ‘big get’ interview with her during her comeback campaign.”

Whitney, 46, had her pick of the litter, but chose Oprah because she wanted to appeal to her viewers and knew that if Oprah pushed her too far during the interview she was going to push back and expose some of Oprah’s own secrets!

“Whitney will never forget that when she was down and out, Oprah wanted nothing to do with her,” an insider told The Enquirer. And that pissed-off Whitney to no end .

Whitney to Oprah: “I Went Out For Milk And Never Returned”

Take a look at Whitney and Oprah below:

Whitney talks to Oprah

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