UPDATE: Oprah sat down with hip hop mogul Jay-Z, who described his escape from the hard-knock life and described the reunion with his father that healed his childhood wounds.  The rapper told Oprah that even though he dealt drugs, he never used them.

Watch the video below:

Take a look at Pt 2 where Jay discusses Beyonce  and shows you his business side:

Jay discusses the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama and the use of the “N” word:

Take a look at our Jay-Z gallery:

Jay-Z, who brought Oprah to Brooklyn this summer, sits down with the daytime host and explains for the umpteenth time how he doesn’t write down his lyrics. The rapper told a NY DJ that there’d be some new subject matter discussed on the show (which airs on the 24th.)

Take a look:

Jay-Z and Oprah talk drugs, the “N” word and Bey

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