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Want to know what Danity Kane is doing these days? Well mtv.com recently caught up with Aubrey O’Day who says she still keeps in touch with some of her former bandmates:

“I’ve spoken and kept in touch with Aundrea [Fimbres], Shannon [Bex] and D. Woods,” she said. “I think everybody’s kind of getting back to who they were before processing what happened. Sometimes I get random calls of apologies or I’ll call and apologize for things we are processing from the past.”

O’Day said Bex is hard at work on a country album, while D. Woods is recording music and Fimbres is taking some time with her family and is looking to get back into the studio. “We all just wanted to be entertainers in life,” she said. “All of a sudden, we got swept up in this huge mess of a situation that basically all we really were was dolls, a big mass production moved around in order to make money and have power. We were just dolls.

“Here we thought we really believed in it all,” she continued. “But at the end of the day, that’s what you really are. We only saw the music. We only saw each other, and then there were cameras all the time. I think a lot of internalizing has been going on with the three girls that I mentioned.”

As for the music Dawn Richard is making with Diddy for his Last Train to Paris album, she’s cool with that. “I haven’t heard any of that, but I wish them the best of luck,” she said. “They’re both very talented people. … I wish everybody the best, all four of those women. I wish them the most success. I think all of us should and could and hopefully will be great at what we love to do best.”

Check out Danity Kane’s performance below:

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