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I’m hearing Usher’s ex-wife Tameka is on the warpath.  According to, Tameka is not happy that Usher and Grace Miguel, 42, are still an item.

Here’s what they found out:

According to my source, Usher’s estranged wife, Tameka Foster ex-Glover ex-Raymond, 40, is very unhappy that another older woman is now rocking Usher’s world.

I guess Tameka forgot that Usher is still working through serious Oedipus Complex issues from his childhood. And until those issues are resolved, he will forever seek out older women as sexual surrogates for his mother. Men like Usher, with unresolved childhood issues, do not make suitable husbands or boyfriends.

My source says Tameka has made Grace’s life a living hail. Somehow, Tameka got ahold of Grace’s personal cell and home numbers and has been harassing the poor marketing exec to the point where she has had to change her numbers at least twice.

There is also a standing order at Def Jam for security to keep an eye out for Tameka, who has been warned to stay away from Def Jam property. Security has been ordered to call the police if Tameka is seen anywhere near Def Jam’s New York offices. Word is that Tameka called L.A. Reid repeatedly demanding to know why Grace has not been fired for wrecking her marriage.

You’re probably asking why Grace hasn’t taken out a restraining order on Tameka yet. I was told that a restraining order would only bring more negative publicity to Usher who is struggling to portray himself as a single bachelor in the hopes of reviving fan interest in his next album.

The source says Grace “ain’t no punk,” and can handle herself quite well if Tameka steps to her. But Tameka is a coward who always cons her loyal friends into doing her dirty work for her. Meanwhile, Grace is said to be still married to music executive Lou Miguel of Box Fresh productions.

My source also cleared up the rumors of a reality show in the works for Tameka. He said Tameka has spoken with execs at BET who politely passed on her show. VH1 execs also declined, and MTV refused to even see Tameka! “I don’t know who she met with down there in Atlanta,” said my source. “But she’s already been turned down by all the networks.”

My source said that when Tameka floated the idea of a possible reality show to Usher, he flatly refused to appear in the show. Usher also refused to allow his children to appear in the show. The networks have no interest in Tameka or her show because they fear retaliation by Usher, who has an album about to drop. They don’t want to jeopardize their good relationships with the R&B crooner.

Without Usher or the children’s participation, Tameka’s hopes for a reality show are dead in the water.

I also hear that one of the biggest PR mavens in NYC has declined Tameka’s request to help her revamp her image after Usher. Although the two women remain friends, the PR Diva is telling friends that Tameka – whose money is a little tight until her divorce is finalized – can’t afford her PR services. Ouch!

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