We had no idea that waxing was such a crazy (and let’s be honest, gross) profession. These poor ladies are dealing with some serious stuff: insane clients, dirty butts and more.┬áHere are some stories straight from the waxers’ mouths, courtesy of

Check them out below, and pray that you haven’t committed one of these faux pas (ew!).

Waxing Secret No.1: Trust us, they’ve seen worse …

Waxers are pretty tough, so copious amounts of hair or a little screaming isn’t going to faze them. However, there is something you can do that will gross out your waxer: not clean up beforehand. Shays says at least twice a week she has to send a client to the bathroom with a wet wipe because they have poop (yes, poop!) on them. Nacion says unfortunately, about 10 percent of her customers don’t freshen up before their appointments (even if they’ve been to the gym or just got off a 12-hour flight) — and it’s usually the people who think they’re fine that need it the most.

Waxing Secret No. 2: Why it’s so important to keep clean:

Shays shares a story of one of her clients: “One client had been waxing with me for about five years with no problems, and then she got a new boyfriend. She went in for a Brazilian and called five days later saying she was really itchy and she thought she had gotten an infection from the waxing. She went to the doctor and it turned out that her new boyfriend had dirty hands and staph bacteria on his penis and he had given her an infection.”

The moral of the story? Waxing removes the top layer of skin, making it easy for bacteria to get in. A good waxing salon will keep you safe while you’re there, but then it’s on you to keep yourself germ free.

Waxing Secret No.3: You want me to do what?!

Waxers get some pretty odd requests, but they’re almost always happy to oblige. They often get asked to make shapes in pubic hair (triangles and hearts are common and pretty easy to do) and Shays says one woman asked for an arrow pointing down (maybe her partner has a poor sense of direction?). Barshop says her craziest request was from a client who wanted a skull made from Swarovski crystals applied to her bikini area for her wedding day (wonder what message she was trying to send?).

Waxing Secret No.4: What you should know about a Brazilian wax:

Turns out, some people don’t know that a Brazilian wax means everything (yes, everything) gets taken off. A good waxer will explain to you what a Brazilian entails the first time you get one, but even after doing that, they say some women are shocked when the waxer heads towards their rear.

Barshop says one client freaked out and froze after she had applied the wax, she refused to let Barshop pull the strip. They had to cut the wax out of her hair. She eventually opted for laser hair removal instead.

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