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Ladies it’s that time again, another groupie tale of celeb sex:

I met Earl around 1998 back in Miami at this night club called Cameo. It was around the time when he dropped “Ruff Ryders Anthem” So anyways i guess he had just got done performing or whatever and as he was coming from the stage me and my girlfriend and home boy (he’s gay) we was just walking in. So as Im walking in, I didnt notice him walkin past me. It was sorta dark besides the neon club lights. So we at the bar conversating with a few of our entourage. Im talkin to some Latino dude and the next thing you know, this huge body guard lookin guy taps my shoulder.

He tells me that X wanted to holla at me. So I was actually shock and was about to ask the guard why didnt he come ask himself but then again. This is DMX, a celebrity, famous. I didnt want to go by myself so i brought my girl with me and i guess the body guard off top knew my home boy was gay and told me i had to leave him. (He was cool since one of the bartenders had a lil sugar in his tank, they was hitting it off.) We get back to VIP and the room is just filled with weed aroma. The room also had a red tent to it.

So Earl motioned me to come sit next to him, i sorta hesitated but my girlfriend she nudged me and i finally had the guts to sit next to him. So im sitting down and he slightly turned just staring at me. He finally snaps out of his gape and was saying how he liked what he saw as he came down from the stage. He kept complimenting me on how gorgeous i was. So we was just enjoying our night i finally got comfortable with him so he had his arm wrapped around me. He was bullshittin with his guys and a few strippers came in. Everyone was just kickin back chillin.

So as he was talkin in that raspy ass voice, the alcohol on his breath and the cologne on his clothing had me some type of horny. (fastforward. we chilled for awhile then exchanged numbers) ( 3 days later) He called me 3 days after we met saying he was in the ATL (where i reside) for a show and asked me did i want to come. So after the show he asked could he chill with me back at my spot i told him it was cool. ( I already knew he wanted to f**k, and s**t me to.) So we get back to my luxurious expensive loft and he kept saying how nice my place was. And he kept saying, “I dont want to have to punch a f****n ni**as face in”. (Reffering to if I had a man, him walking in on us or w.e) Because for some reason he couldn’t believe I was single.

So we’re in my living room conversating, drinkin some vodka, he’s smoking a blunt, we;re just laughing having a good time. He’s a very outgoing and intellectual person. (Fastforward) So at this point im sorta tipsy and he’s high and we were both horny as hell. He’s on one side of the couch and im on the other side with my feet resting on his upper thighs. (He likes feet) I started fooling around with his cr**ch area with my feet. He looked at me and started laughing and was like. “So you teasin around with my d**k girlfriend?” (girlfriend, the way he said it sounded more like “Gir-fran) (Btw, He talks very fast, but his raspy ass new york accent and slang had me craving him) I totally ignored his question and moved myself closer to him and started tonguing him down furiously as I got on top of him while he was still sitting up on the couch. While im giving him the tongue, my hands was making its way down to his****. (Which is very very VERY well endowed, and hairy. LOL)

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