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Guess what? There’s actually an upside to this sucky economy believe it or not! With retailers needing to sell their product they are lowering the price tags. This lowering of the price tags is presenting amazing deals that we need to take advantage of. 

Stretch Your Cash!

Look like you got swag without dipping into the dough:

1. Lobster: Ordering a fancy dish at restaurants is baller status, but usually will leave your wallet feeling a little light.  Not these days though! The price of lobster will be cheap through the summer and remain reasonable through the fall! Why do we get this privilege of dabbling into the fine dining cuisine without dabbling into our wallets? Well, because of the recent money problems, less and less people are traveling to places where lobsters are caught, such as Maine and Canada, so there is more supply on the market! Where’s the butter?

2. Catch the game on your Flat-Screen TV: in the recent months, flat screens have lowered tremendously in price allowing it a little easier to pimp out your pad. Flat screens are literally thousands of dollars less than they were only a short time ago.

3. Summer vacation: Haven’t taken that summer vacation yet? Good, because guess what, after August 18th airfare prices usually drop since more people are going back to school. Basically, less people are traveling so airlines lower their rates to invite customers. Ever wanted to go to Europe but could never afford the airfare? Well not anymore! Flights to places like Ireland, Spain, Geneva, and Moscow are now unusually cheap! Don’t need to be Jay or Diddy to be a jet setter anymore!

Jet Set while still looking good!

Tip: “Lots of airlines, like Jet Blue, have created Twitter accounts and will list special sales and promotions exclusively on it,” says George Hobica, creator of Airfarewatchdog.com.

4. Be a diva at the spa: Again with the money problem people are not just waking up in the morning and walking to the spa indulging in an all day session other then Beyonce. But the spas know this, and that is why tons of them are promoting awesome money saving deals for their customers.  Look like you got status walking out of a swank spa with freshly painted finger and toenails for half the price!

At Home Spa Treatment!!!

5. Look Posh sipping on that cocktail: Look like your sipping on the expensive bubbly with Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine that s just as tasty and can be found at really affordable prices. Who doesn’t love to kick off the sandals, lay back with a cool glass of the bubbly on a hot summer day!


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