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Law enforcement sources tells tmz.com, that when paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s house he was already dead … and it took them a while to realize that the victim was the famous singer.

When paramedics got to Michael’s home he had already flatlined. There was no electrical activity in his heart and he showed no signs of life.

Multiple sources say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that the singer be transported to the hospital. Dr. Murray –a higher medical authority than the EMTs — had the power to overrule them.

Paramedics didn’t realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. As one emergency worker put it: “It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man.

This is so sad!!!

REPORT: Michael Jackson’s Nose Missing During Autopsy

MJ’s Preliminary Autospy Report: Drug Overdose

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