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1. Buy yourself something pretty. I’m a fan of jewelry and flowers. No, it doesn’t have to be especially pricey. You can find a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store for $5. And, “fashion jewelry” may seem trendy, but if you think it’s pretty…go for it!

2. Do something to make you feel better about your body. Take a bubble bath, paint your toes, pluck your eyebrows…do something to pamper that body of yours.

3. About that body. Are you one of those “negative-self-talkers?” One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to STOP that right now. Stop that negative gibber-jabber.

DIY: Make Your Own Bath Salts

4. Start a gratitude journal. It’s a wonderful way to make yourself aware of the good things that happened to you throughout the day. Take some time to write 3 reasons you love yourself, everyday! Point out all the wonderful things about your body, your mind, and your spirit. You can pamper yourself by loving yourself.

5. Daydream. Kids do it all the time. Go back to your child-like innocence and enjoy a lovely daydream. Imagine yourself somewhere beautiful. Think pleasant thoughts. Be at one with the moment, which is currently yours.

You Deserve Some Me Time!

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