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Taking a vacation together may mean you are becoming serious as a couple, but it doesn’t mean you have to act it! Most importantly, try to relax and have a good time together; remember it is only the first of many adventures you and your love will share.

1) Make sure that your vacation is planned together. Never plan a vacation by yourself unless you are absolutely sure that your companion will like it. Remember, a surprise is a surprise and there are good surprises and bad surprises.

2) Never think that just because you like something, he’s going to like it. Your companion may not want to go where you want to go, so make it easy on yourself, ask first.

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3) The ideal vacation location should be one in which both of you will enjoy. Find a destination where there is common ground, room for exploration and sightseeing, and other things to do in which both of you have a common interest. Plan your time together so the vacation will be fun for both of you.

4) Make sure you have enough money. Don’t plan a trip if your funds are low. If you expect your companion to pay their own way, let them know up front. Money becomes a hot issue really quick and it may put you and your companion in an uncomfortable position, and that’s no fun.

5) Spend time relaxing together. When it’s time to go party, you will know it. Enjoy each others company by spending quality time together. Depending on your companion, a club or bar may, or may not, be the best way to spend quality time.

6) Choose restaurants that are romantic and tasteful. Make sure your companion is okay with the restaurants you have chosen, and once again, may sure that there are no surprises when it comes to paying the check.

7) Do not flirt with other people on your vacation. Flirting with other people will ruin your time together by making your companion feel jealous and insecure about themselves, and nobody wants to feel like that on a vacation.

8) Know your limits when drinking and having a good time. You can have drinks while you’re on vacation, but don’t get intoxicated to the point that you embarrass your companion. Know when enough is enough.

9) Show your companion as much attention as possible and make sure they know it’s all about them and nobody else. This will let them know that you care about them and that you want them to feel good when they are with you.

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