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Tameka is at it again. Usher’s soon to be ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond emailed blogger ATLien of  Straight from the A blog and threatened to give her a beatdown!!!

Check out what Tameka wrote below:

From: Margeaux Taylor (aka Tameka Foster-Glover-Raymond)


Date: Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 9:52 PM

Subject: Tameka Raymond – Your Death Threat

To Michelle Williams aka Absurd bitch azz Alien. Your obsession with Tameka must weigh heavy on your already chunky azz. You’re so desperate you pay actual money to try to find case files from 20 years ago which possess no relevance to anything but your Schizophrenia. You have all your facts wrong, which totally discredits anything you say. Tameka’s not going to court tomorrow, no DNA Paternity Test ever requested (check the legal papers which you’re so good at finding), she was never involved w/ welfare fraud and you my dear seem to have a major crush on Usher. I can see you in line with the rest of the groupies just salivating to suck his d**K but bashing Tameka won’t help your chances. Her azz is about to be PAID shopping at Chanel, Gucci and Prada while you can’t even find an advertiser for your miniscule local blog besides Super 8 Motels LOL. You better watch your back in Atlanta. You are on the list for a serious beat down. I know what you look like now.

Is this the action of a grown woman???  Tameka needs to start acting her age…this is a woman who has what, 5 kids!!! SMH

Check out these pics of Usher and Tameka in happier times:

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