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Debbie Rowe has sold the children she had for Michael Jackson one more time. According to the NY Post, She reportedly negotiated a $4 million settlement to leave the children with Michael’s mother.

In the deal she will give up her parental rights and will not try to get custody should something happen to Katherine. “It’s one final payday,” the disgusted Jackson confidant said.

Debbie Rowe: “I want my children”

The family isn’t happy about the mega-payout — which was set to be sealed in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon — but they consider it a necessary evil, the source said.

“They felt it was like a ransom-type thing. [Rowe] jumped back into the picture because she wanted money,” the friend said.

This is the third payday she has had for the two children. She was initially paid sum of $8 million, plus $900,000 annually for five years. Talk about a mother’s love!!!!

We hope these kids are put in therapy ASAP.

Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe team up

Take a look at rare photos of MJ and his kids:

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