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Was it a memorial mourning someone’s death, or were we watching a concert on HBO? With celebrities like Usher, Jennifer Hudson, and Brooke Shields one would have to double guess themselves.

Rolling up to Michael Jackson’s memorial was almost as if rolling up to a red carpet event. The guest list consisted of celebrities and the paparazzi were swarming. Sunglasses were being worn to protect the eyes from the ever-flowing flash of the camera bulbs than the actual L.A sunrays.

Farewell To MJ

What did people expect? When you have a line-up of A List celebrities you’re going to have a TV show. We had Magic talking about fried chicken and were Usher’s tears real or phony? The whole memorial felt more of a performance than a tribute and a farewell to a friend, family member, and a worldwide icon.

What about Paris? Like Oprah said it was the “Ah ha moment” in the memorial. At that moment in time we realized this is not just a Pop icon were mourning, this is a real person, leaving behind a real family, with real kids. After being hidden behind a blanket and mask for years, the first public words Paris spoke were saying good-bye to her father that moved the millions watching.

Where Was Quincy?

Now, was it appropriate to have this little girl stand up on stage saying good-bye to her father in the public eye? Her family stood behind her with hands grabbing her hair, rubbing her down like some pet. Poor girl. Then you have hands going every which way fixing the microphone only to have the viewers hear the most heartfelt words spoken through the microphone the whole memorial.

If Paris did not stand up on stage and speak those words I feel that people would of left the memorial thinking they lost just a Pop icon, a celebrity, a “humanitarian” as Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee spoke. We would walk away forgetting we’re mourning a loving father who left his family and children behind. It was necessary for the public to realize this is not just a celebration of life; it is a terrible real tragic event.

Watch his daughter say good-bye:

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