Your health is the most important thing you have, so it is necessary that you take steps to watch your healthy. However, there maybe habits you have that you didn’t even realize were making an impact on your health.

1. Stress: Women today are having careers, raising families, and maintaining a social life. All this pressure can be hard to deal with. Anxiety disorders are becoming more common as there is more we do in a day. Some ways to combat this habit is to scale back what you do. Also, find a way to catch a breath and destress, even if it is just for an hour.

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2. STDs: The rate of STDs is growing at an unprecedented rate and there are still sexually active people who have not been tested. Some ways to prevent unnecessary stress and worry is to use protection while having sex, get tested, and also check yourself for any cuts or sores before having sexual contact.

3. Unhealthy eating: A lot of people take drastic measures to lose weight, such as cutting out entire food groups or slashing calories to unhealthy measures. Stay healthy by eating at the same time everyday, this will regulate your hunger cravings, and monitoring what you eat rather than how much.

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4. Uneven use of birth control: Astonishing number of women don’t consistently use birth control and more yet use it incorrectly. There are many myths surrounding birth control use, so one way to keep yourself healthy is to talk to your gynecologist about your birth control options, maybe you will find one that is easier or more convenient for you, and educate yourself on the correct use of birth control and dangers of using it incorrectly.

5. Depression: Millions of people suffer from this disorder yearly and many more go undiagnosed. It is important to recognize the signs and also try to keep yourself thinking positively. Depression can be a very dangerous disorder, so seeking help is important. Being independent is great, but if your health and well being is suffering as a result it is time to seek some medical attention.

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