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Wedding photography requires poise, creativity and style. A photographer is not something you want to be stingy with. The flowers will die out, people will forget what your table linens looked like, but your photos will last forever.

DO make sure to do your research on photographers you are thinking about hiring. You want to pick one that has several years of experience and a great portfolio to show for it. Also, if you are uncertain about the pricing the photog pitches to you, don’t be afraid to bargain with him. Offer more of one type of thing and less of another, which could save you some money. Just make sure you don’t go Bridezilla on them!

DON’T hire a photog on a whim just because you feel you have no time to research them. These pictures are the most important piece of your wedding that you will have forever. They are memories frozen in time. Make them perfect!

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