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As summer heats up so do, of course, our wardrobe choices.  Sweltering temperatures obviously call for fewer clothes, but where is the line between dressing less and looking a mess? Here are some signs that you or someone you know might need to tone down your summer sizzle:

1. You’re rocking a bikini top-but you’re not at the beach. No, I’m not saying laying around tanning somewhere besides the beach in a bikini is bad. Or strolling around a beach boardwalk. But walking down the street doing errands while partially in your bikini? Come on now.

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2. Forget second-you get third and fourth looks. Almost every woman has her daily “elevator” look from some man (you know, his eyes go up and down your body like an elevator). But if you see jaws drop as well as eyes linger, it might be time to invest in a sweater.

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3. Your short shorts could double as underwear. Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it annoying to have to play the pull down game every five seconds with your shorts just so that they’ll cover your, um, back end? What ever happened to the good old fashioned sundress??

What do you think, Hello Beautiful? Is there such a thing as being too sexy for summer??