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Honoree: Essie Michelle

The Grind: Lifestyle Content Creator

Find Her: @essie.michelle

Essie Michelle brand is one of Black luxury and beauty. She also is the first to call herself frugal. In college, Essie discovered that her hair slaying skills and handmade wigs were more than just a way for her to look fly between classes, and Essie Michelle, the YouTuber, was born.Somewhat of a pioneer in the space, Essie learned how to attract an audience, how to identify and create content that resonated with them, both skills that were about to become handy in not only her influencer life, but her corporate life as well.

When initially creating content, Essie was an Account Manager at a traditionally corporate job. In the last four years Essie gained multiple streams of income, and has even enlisted her husband, Maurice, when she had to. From the smile on his face, and look in his eyes, he doesn’t seem to mind at all. When Essie is tasked with identifying one thing she’s most proud of in the last year, it’s the seeds she’s planted and sewn as an influencer.

She’s doubled the size of her following, secured several brand partnerships, and has a two exiting projects of her own coming in the new year.

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Creative Class 2020 Header and Logo Images

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