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Some things just should not be done on cell phones. Ever. In no particular order, here are the five worst cell phone mistakes:

5. Using text messages as personal essays. Do you have a friend or family member who seems to prefer typing out page long texts instead of (ever) calling you? The last time I checked, text messaging is best used for things like confirming plans-not for explanations of your unhappy childhood.

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4. Sexting. For anyone who doesn’t know, sexting is when someone sends explicit messages and/or pictures of themself via cell phone. Recently, sexting has been associated with middle and high school girls who sometimes “sext” to boys they are trying to impress. Do the grown and sexy participate in sexting? Of course. But is having an out of focus xxx picture and “I wanna f*%@” text in your inbox really sexy to anyone??

3. Explicit photo galleries. Some of us have had the pleasure of stumbling on a, um, private picture  or two while looking through the pictures on someones phone. If people can’t stop being nosy, then photo galleries should at least be password protected.

2. Ringback tones. A ringback tone is that little burst of on-hold music you hear while waiting for someone to pick up their phone. Who decided Soulja Boy should replace the regular old dial tone? Not me.

1. Using your phone as a stereo. In public. Have you ever been minding your own business on public transportation or elsewhere when someone starts blasting music from their phone so loud its like the club? Unless you take a vote for a public dance party, please invest in some headphones.

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What do you think, Hello Beautiful?? What other cell phone trends should just stop?

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