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Foxy Brown apparently recieved V.I.P. treatment during her jail stint in 2007-2008. Sources claim that the star wore designer clothing and recieved special meals. Prison guards at Rikers also had to assist in a promotional photo shoot she did while on lockdown as well! Read what had to say:

Guards drooled over the rapper like fawning fans, bringing the incarcerated diva food and makeup. They gave her limitless TV and phone privileges and chilled in her cell, even carrying her bags when she got out last April, according to The New York Post.

Brown, charged with parole violation, got nine months in the slammer after she smacked around a few manicurists back in 2006. She spent her time prancing around in Gucci sneakers and a Fendi scarf, and when those got soiled, her jailhouse entourage brought her clean ones, according to the Post.

Of course Foxy was flossin’ in jail, what else would you expect?

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