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CLOSE claims that Morgan Freeman was having sexual relations with his granddaughter, E’Dena, when she was a mere teenager. It’s also been said that him and his now ex-wife, Myrna, agreed to have an open marriage which allowed him to have a mistress. Here’s what had to say:

E’Dena called Myrna [one day] in tears and “freaking out,” then allegedly blurted:

We had sex when I was in California in his hotel room, and I just can’t handle it anymore.”

E’Dena told Myrna that she’d given Morgan sexy photos of herself as a substitute for his needing to be intimate with her, but that was not enough for Morgan, according to the insider. “Edina said she was trying to get him back to being her grandpa and not her lover.”

Myrna has admitted that she and Morgan had an “open marriage” and she accepted his relationship with [his mistress] Mary Joyce – until she started to become serious.

All of it sounds really horrible if it’s true and we wish the best to the family.


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