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We love and appreciate our makeup brushes until it’s time to wash them. Listen, we’ve all neglected our brushes before, therefore no dirty brush or sponge shame shall be tolerated. We’re at a time when germs and bacteria are at an all time high and taking extra health precautions is essential.

It’s an easy to overlook washing your brushes because it’s a daunting task. Nobody wants to stand over the sink for what seems like an eternity while they wash their brushes but it’s really important to set aside the time to do so periodically and here’s why:

  1. Clear Skin Or Nah?

The bacteria and fungus found on your brushes can cause break-outs. Point, black PERIOD. Many women suffer from break-outs and uneven skin because they don’t wash their brushes enough. Consider them to be similar to your pillow cases. Washing your makeup brushes as frequently as you wash your sheets is a great practice for over all cleanliness and particularly, clearer skin.

  1. When To Let Go

Did you know that you should be replacing your brushes every so often? As much as we hate to admit it, brushes aren’t meant to last forever. You are supposed to replace them periodically but the good news is that washing them regularly REALLY helps with the longevity of them! The more frequently you wash your brushes, they less germs begin to make them deteriorate over time. Lets face it, they’re NOT cheap! It’s better to just take care of the ones you’ve got so your investment lasts longer.

  1. Your Makeup Needs Cleaning Too

Of course your brushes are their own entity that need regular maintenance, but keeping your actual makeup sanitized can help the longevity of the brushes too. Keeping an antibacterial spritz on hand like Sephora’s “Clean Up Nice” can really help to keep your makeup palettes clean and stop the cross contamination to and from your brushes.

  1. Using Your Brushes On Others

If you’re using your brushes on anyone other than yourself, you have to be all the more careful. Washing your brushes after every single use is the only way to go. Unfortunately for you seasoned makeup artists out there, you know that there is no skimping out on mandatory washes between each client. There are cleaners such as Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner that kills germs on contact and dries quickly. In the event that you are doing multiple faces in one sitting, products like this one allow you to clean and disinfect brushes between each face you’re applying makeup to. Still, they aren’t exactly error-proof. A deep cleaning is always more effective.

  1. How To Deep Clean Your Brushes

So now that we’ve learned the importance of regular cleanings, what’s the best way to go about it? Well for starters, give yourself a little time to get those brushes cleaned well. The more clean your bristles are, the better your application will be, the less break outs you’ll have and the longer your eyeshadow palettes will last so make sure you give yourself at least 30 minuets to get it done right! There’s plenty of great products out there to clean your brushes with but unfortunately, most of them can only be purchased online. If you’re in a jam and don’t have time to order something, run out to your local supermarket and pick up a bar of the original formula Dial soap (the orange bar). This antibacterial bar of soap combined with the hottest faucet water that you can stand will break down the thickest of foundation and concealer build up so easily! In no time your brushes will be line new!

A little bit of extra effort will have you on your way to clearer skin and an over-all better application in no time!


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