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OG And CECE's Basketball Wives Viewing Party

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We start tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives with Shaunie O’neal and one of her sons touring a new home. Basically, Inglewood is gentrifying, there’s a new stadium coming, and Shaunie is trying to get in on the money too. In other words, real estate is about to be yet another one of her hustles, even if it means potentially displacing people who will eventually get priced out.

Tami Roman unveils her musical alter ego, a rapper named Tatiana Trill. Here, she meets up with Yoyo, the one and only. Yoyo along with Tami’s daughter Jazz, give Tami some tricks and tips of the trade. It’s a fun session, but the fun never lasts too long on this show because the rest of the episode is all drama. 

Speaking of, next, Kristen, Evelyn and Jenn meet up for lunch. Let’s cut to the chase. This is about gossip. Kristen tells Evelyn and Jenn that Cece has been fake toward OG *shocker* because CeCe was actually talking smack about her just last year. CeCe sent a string of nasty texts about OG back when CeCe and Kristen were cool, and Kristen has the receipts. It’s a lot of messages, but one of the messages shown was CeCe saying that OG isn’t attractive and dresses weird and that she looks like a man. Obviously, they feel like “CeCe needs to know” but really, they just want to be hurtful. You already know. 

Feby has a show coming up that’s supposed to be a big deal and she invited everyone. EVERYONE, including OG. You already know what this is but hold that thought. 

Tami, OG, and Jackie meet up to fill Tami in on the dysfunction that went down in San Diego. Obviously, OG and Jackie tell Tami about how Evelyn and Jenn made up. Tami isn’t moved because she still doesn’t fool with Jenn. Tami is also filled in about Feby denying that she wrote a diss track about OG. Jackie finally just breaks down tells OG that Feby actually did say this stuff because she was present. Tami is annoyed because she had a brunch to try to get people to know OG and is annoyed that Jackie didn’t say anything while that went down. And then, Jackie mentions Feby’s upcoming show and how Tami should come through. 

Tami said she might come but she’s going to continue to ride for OG if ish goes down. Let’s fast forward to Feby’s showcase. It starts off all cute with people greeting Feby before she gets on stage. OG isn’t there yet, so Malaysia is directing all her stank faces toward Jenn. Then Tami shows up, she still hates Jenn too so she forces her to give up her seat. Like, legit tells her to get up and let her sit and Jenn obliges then talks smack during her confessional because that’s what she does. 

OG finally arrives and tries to keep it cordial. Feby greets OG and then says she’s uncomfortable since they don’t get along. OG then says she was told that Feby admitted that her song was about OG. Feby lies again. OG was initially trying to keep Jackie’s name out of it then she just says that Jackie was there and heard Feby say this. Feby still lies so Jackie chimes in, saying she “was under the impression that Feby wrote the song about OG.” Beating around the bush and all that good stuff. Anway,  Feby still won’t admit it but tells OG that she hasn’t been feeling OG for a while. OG then mentions something that CeCe told her and Feby says that CeCe isn’t her friend. OG doubles down and says that CeCe is her friend but then Jenn steps in and takes it upon herself to do what Kristen said she was going to do but is currently sitting silently about. Jenn reveals that Kristen has all those text messages with CeCe talking smack about OG. Mind you, CeCe wasn’t here through all of this, but then, she walks in right on cue. OG asks Cece if she said anything negative about her? CeCe says no, of course, because she and Feby are affected with the same scary chick amnesia. Jenn says there’s proof so of course OG wants to see it. Kristen obliges and shows her the messages. Again, it’s a long series of messages so we only get bits and pieces and it’s bad. 

OG says, “It says ugly ass hoe!” so that’s another snippet that we get. 

CeCe says she doesn’t remember saying that stuff. Tami jumps in and tells CeCe to own her shit. She typed it, it’s there, it obviously came from her so she should just apologize. Now it’s time for Feby to perform so this gets cut short, but CeCe just leaves instead of confronting this because she’s wack. 

OG actually looks hurt and is standing alone while everyone else is going to watch Feby perform. Kristen finds her and tells her that what just happened wasn’t to be malicious, suuuure, but that she’s tired of CeCe lying and if Byron won’t call her out then she will. She also tells OG that she’s tired of fighting and wants them to move forward. They agree to let the past be the past, and that’s that. OG says she’s disappointed in CeCe but they can’t talk now since she made like a Spalding and bounced. 

Shaunie is not present for any of the above. She’s actually at dinner with her family, including Shaquille O’Neal, so we end with Shaunie bonding with her family after all that foolishness. 

However,  next week, we will pick up in the middle of the drama. The preview shows OG demanding that CeCe keep it real with her, but CeCe refuses. In fact, CeCe is going to say it was probably fake text messages knowing Kristen. 

Then we get closer to the Jackie and Malaysia fallout. It’s just a whole world of mess. 


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