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Summer Jam 2019

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When Tierra Milton got the call to do Summer Jam hours before showtime, her hustler instincts immediately kicked in and, without hesitation, she said ‘Yes.’ Make that a “hell yes!”

It wasn’t until reality set in that she realized she had signed up to do the nearly impossible. How could she prepare 10 ponytails for 10 dancers with no products and no hair to do the job? She called her best friend, a stellar celebrity makeup artist Tatiana (@BeatFaceHoney) who happens to be seven and a half months pregnant and her beauty assistant Kay Montana. And like the women in your Black girl tribe, they rushed to her side.

Tierra, Tatiana and Kay reached the parking lot at Met Stadium by 7:30pm and only two hours until Cardi and her dancers were scheduled to hit the stage. In a bind, she left her car in the hands of her girls and rushed backstage.

Milton, owner of She And Her Studio in Staten Island, New York has worked with celebrities like Keyshia Cole, Sevyn Streeter, Miss Ksyn and more. But her desire to bring luxury and quality to the everyday woman prompted her custom wig line Her Collection.

As a celebrity hairstylist, she is no stranger to pressure but a last minute 10-person job presented new obstacles, but even bigger opportunities. Determined to deliver, Tierra and her crew began glueing tracks and drying them over the car vents on the way to the Summer Jam parking lot. She finished the last dancer with 47-seconds left til’ showtime.

“We made it look seamless and effortless when it was anything but,” she wrote in a detailed and inspiring Instagram post. “Team work makes the dream work and opportunity is there only for those who are ready to take it.”

Here’s how you can recreate the look in 5 steps:

Step 1: Straighten and smooth hair by passing a flatiron over tresses for a frizz-free smooth look.

Step 2: Pull hair back into a ponytail then coat with Tresseme hair spray.

Step 3: Create a braid at the tail of the ponytail. Begin wrapping extension hair from bottom to top and secure with glue (you can also sew it on).

Step 4: Use a hair pin to secure the weft.

Step 5: Use a piece of the hair from the ponytail to wrap hide the end of the weft.

Go BTS with Teirra below:


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