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Amara La Negra and Shay seem like they’d be polar opposites but tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami proves that theory wrong. The opening scene finds them chilling on the beach because they’re cool now, but we all know they’re really here to gossip. Shay brings the messy by asking what’s up with Amara La Negra and Bobby Lytes. Amara blocked Bobby on social media because he’s negative. Bobby found out and was talking smack about her because he was mad. You know how he does! But then Shay starts trashing Jojo too and claims Jojo was talking behind Amara’s back. We all know that Shay is pissed at Jojo for dating Pleasure P. You know, girl code stuff. Amara doesn’t even trip. She said she’s still going to rock with Jojo—at least for now because if it wasn’t in her face then it didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, Amara gets the bright idea to try to get Jojo and Shay on the same page so they can all be friends. This will go swimmingly.

Pleasure P meets up with Khaotic and Young Hollywood to wax poetic about…whatever. Khaotic asks Pleasure P about when will Pretty Ricky be performing again. Pleasure P reiterates the same tired story—he and Baby Blue can’t get right so that’s that. Khaotic says the people want Pretty Ricky. But we’re all like, where?

Then Khaotic asks Young Hollywood how Amara is doing. At this point, Young Hollywood is tired of trolls in his mentions for all of his ignorant behavior toward Amara last season so he’s trying to make peace now. He says he wishes nothing but the best for her and that he wants to apologize for his behavior so, he plans to invite her to some party that’s coming up. Later on, we find out that Amara accepts his invite and that all seems to be forgiven. They’re all good…for now. But we still don’t like him. Tuh!

Trina learns that her assistant has been making shady moves behind her back. Not only has he been going around telling people that he’s her creative director, but he also tried to create a t-shirt line with her business manager. Trina doesn’t have a problem with her team pursuing their dreams, but the shadiness is not tolerated, and he wasn’t even doing good work with her, and he doesn’t even really care. Trina seizes this moment to give us Diamond Princess drama. She goes off on him and fires him, rightfully so. He tries to act like he’s unbothered, and informs her that he’s going to make his business moves and head to the top without her. Mmmmkay. Good luck with being on that blacklist. Trina got the juice.

Let’s fast forward a bit. The episode concludes with that Amara La Negra facilitated peace talk between Jojo and Shay. How you think it went?

Shay is hostile out the gate, which is typical. Jojo says she could care less that Shay is mad, especially because she feels like Shay betrayed her first by sharing some private information that she once shared, thinking Shay would keep it confidential. We don’t know what that info is but we all know Jojo probably would have dated Pleasure P whether she and Shay were still cool or not. Anyway, Shay and Jojo go in on each other and act like they’re going to fight but that good Love and Hip-Hop Miami security came through and shut that down. Meanwhile, Blue is there watching this entire thing, looking like a messy troll.

And then Pleasure P appears (meanwhile, Blue and Amara are talking to Jojo, getting her side of the story). Shay confronts him about dating Jojo so he starts laying it on thick. Pleasure P apologizes for how he treated her and says he should have handled the situation better but then he gets extra and unnecessary when he asks her if she still loves him.

Let’s reconvene next week. Same ratchet time, same ratchet channel.


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