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This week, Meghan Markle hit the media waves after stepping out in an off-the-shoulder dress, one that made social media very unhappy. First of all, I thought the dress was cute and appropriate for the occasion. Second of all, it abruptly bothered me that she has to completely change her whole way of life now that she’s married, as if her husband would stop loving her if she didn’t.

Regardless, there are a few fashion rules that have followed the royal family for many years, and rules that Meghan has had to adopt. While I know she can’t push the boundaries as much as I’d like (I just depend on her beautiful mom with a nose ring and locs to do that for me), there are a few things that I’m hoping she can at least build on or challenge jussssst a bit:


Yes, there’s apparently a rule about wearing black in the daytime. Usually reserved for moments of mourning, it can seem like black for a daytime event is evoking morbidity. However, think of all the cute outfits you can wear in an all-black ensemble that suggests power and an instantly polished look! This $158 James Perse midi dress is perfect for cute tea dates, or even this $185 dress by the same designer and comes right under your knees. If you have to keep it primp and proper, this $429 Proenza Schouler midi dress is conservative while still fierce, or even a Self-Portrait maxi dress that’s lightweight for the summer.


Yep, no pants for official engagements. Aside from the patriarchal implications here, I wonder if pants aren’t portrayed as fancy or chic like a skirt or suit? Well, I don’t believe that. For those cold days, these $315 Michael Lo Sordo wide-leg pants can easily be dressed up with a matching blazer or a silk blouse. You can also delve into pink wide-leg pants, like these $710 ETRO pants that are high-rise, or for a business-casual official engagement, these $1,250 cropped wide-leg pants from Monse would look AMAZING on Meghan.


Ugh, I totally understand WHY this is a thing, but I just really want the royal family (*cough Meghan) to embrace other designers, like the countless Black designers here in America. To see Meghan dressed by designers like Dapper Dan, LaQuan Smith, Tracy Reese, Telfar, or even the masterminds behind Pyer Moss, Hood By Air, Cushnie et Ochs, the limits are endless! I know we can’t depend on Meghan to be the one Black fashion savior for us in the royal family, but I’m willing to bet that any of these designers could knock it out of the park if given the opportunity.


Nope, nope, nope. No sleeveless dresses and nothing that’s too short (now that I can understand). However, what if you get hot?! Imagine Meghan in a beautiful nude off-the-shoulder dress for a picnic, like this $837 linen-blend midi dress (which I want for myself too)?! And if the royal family wanted her in something that was longer (just in case she had to bend down), she could definitely sport a striped ribbed-knit midi dress, like a $221 cut that’s fitted but still gives some space to room! Heck, Meghan could even wear a bit of color like this $378 Ted Back maxi dress (which yes, I’ve ordered because it’s just that cute).

At the end of the day, all I’m saying is that this is 2018 and I want Meghan Markle to challenge fashion rules that have probably existed for centuries (more or less). What would you want to see Meghan in, or a fashion rule you wish she’d break?


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