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Most of us remember where we were last year when Kourtney and Leonard, two past lovers, sat down for a face to face. And lordt, was it painful to watch.

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The clip, along with the viral hashtag #Hurtbae went viral to describe the apparent pain left from the severed relationship. One year later, the ex’s reunite in a similar fashion to discuss what transpired since the cameras last shut off.

On the surface, things look pretty much the same. Kourtney has the same laid baby edges with a high bun while Leonard ditched his fro-hawk for a short fade.

Both open the conversation amicably, Kourtney says her social media following has skyrocketed, her career is flourishing, and she’s in a new relationship while Leonard has been busy fighting the haters while “drinking water and exfoliating.”

But things go super left once Leonard reveals that the couple only did the sit down the first time so that Kourtney could move on and reveals that he agreed to it because he thought the clip would give them the exposure they craved as artists.

This revelation did not go well. Leonard hits again when he reveals that the two were never in an exclusive relationship, something that did not come out in their last sit down. At this point, the conversation descends further into hell.

“Come get some truth!” he yells as Kourtney walks off the set. “You said cruel things to me. You cheated on me. You put me through shit Leonard,” Kourtney says.

“It’s over with, you’re not with my team” he says back.

Obviously the hurt between these two is still alive and well. Try not to cringe while watching the seven minute clip above.


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