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None can refute the undeniable influence of Amazon. From original programming to same-day grocery delivery services, Amazon has literally worked to infiltrate every market, much to the destruction of smaller, mom-and-pop shops. Well, it seems Amazon’s recent tackle includes targeting a specific demographic–you guessed it, textured hair.

With the rollout of its new shop for textured hair, ironically named “Textures and Hues”, Amazon offers a variety of specialized projects once only found on the shelves of stores and our coveted beauty supply stores. On the front page it features @Mynaturalsistas, and even individually dives onto various profiles that educate and teach you how to perfect your twist out (with product recommendations, no less), protecting and maintaining protective hairstyles, and of course, how to tackle your coils on hair wash day. In fact, there are entire pages geared toward tutorials, and even separated categories you can shop based on your favorite hair brands like Carol’s Daughter, Eden Bodyworks, Miss Jessie’s, and more.

Of course with such a major launch, it does beg the question of Amazon’s intention (though we can all understand the financial aspect of any corporation), and what effect it’ll have on small businesses.

However, many have also been able to see this as a potentially monumental moment, not only for the brands involved, but for the natural hair community as a whole. While some have to do the serious side-eye when it comes to Amazon tapping into the natural hair market, others have stated that their products (and yes, even their bundles) are truly giving brands a run for their money.

I have to say, it does feel a bit refreshing to at least see a variety of skin tones and shades represented on the front of Amazon. Too often we see only one gamut of brown skin or hair texture when the discussion of “natural” and “Black” are involved. Could Amazon really be a part of this movement to increase visibility for all skin tones?

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