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Tonight’s episode of Power is heavy. No, like, for real. For those of you who haven’t ruined the rest of the season for yourselves, get ready. The episode picks back up with Tariq’s interest in attending boarding school in Connecticut. He’s interviewing with the place and things look promising. Basically, this is his plan to escape all the drama he has caused. James makes it a point to show Tariq the news story about Michael Sandoval being Greg’s killer to try to restore his image to Tariq. It’s too late, though. Tariq asks if Kanan is going to come after them because they saw him kill Jukebox. Tariq’s theory is, James snitched on Kanan before so why not again. James has an explanation that seems to make things all better. But it’s not all better. There’s no turning back for any of them, but the good news for James is that the Lobos and Knox cases are both closed.

Later on, Tariq gets a visit at school from the goons he botched the robbery with. They’re afraid that he’s going to snitch on them. Tariq claims he’s not, but he doesn’t know the streets like he thinks he does and definitely got himself into some deep ish.


Tommy is still in touch with his pops, Teresi, who wants to meet him in person. Tommy has felonies on his record so that kinda can’t happen. However, Teresi has ways of making things happen so it might. He also tells Tommy that he’s not the kind of guy who’d deny his son contrary to what Tommy’s mom, Kate says. This puts the battery in Tommy’s back to go rummaging through his mom’s house for his birth certificate. He discovers that Teresi was actually at the hospital when he was born, contrary to his mom’s lie. Kate’s new story is that Teresi wanted to take Tommy from her and give him to his wife to raise since she couldn’t have kids. She refused, of course, and Tommy gets pissed thinking that he would have been better off had his dad been around. He tells his mom to stay out of his life for good, for the umpteenth time.


Angela gets a new job. She’s still a fed, just in another district  and with the defense side of things instead of prosecution. As part of her new position, she is obligated to go to a non-profit gala that honors wrongfully convicted people. This year’s gala is honoring James St. Patrick.


Tasha and Silver are still getting it on behind James’ back, but Silver is a smart one. He brings up a good point–Michael Sandoval turned up dead less than 24 hours after he gave them the news about his indictment for killing Knox. Tasha plays it off saying that given that Sandoval was a dirty cop anyone could have killed him. This is true, and it seems to work for now. Moving on, Tasha also tells him that plans to leave Jamie and get the weave business going again with Keisha. You know what this means right? Tasha is trying to go legit so that she can have her unrealistic straight life with Silver.


Those goons that visited Tariq discover that there was some evidence left behind at that robbery that could get them all in trouble and Ray Ray wants answers. They tell Ray that Tariq is the one who botched things for them, but don’t think he’ll snitch because then he’d be implicated. Ray informs them that Tariq’s dad has major pull and refuses to have them ruin things for him so he shoots them dead because nope. Ray later goes to the Raina and Tariq’s school dressed in his cop uniform Tariq isn’t in school, so he goes to Raina’s classroom looking to see if she has answers about her brother’s whereabouts. Tariq is actually at Destiny’s house drinking lean and trying to get some goodbye nookie.

Later on Raina tells Tariq about Ray’s visit and Tariq tells her that she can’t say anything about this, not even to their parents because if they snitch to anyone then that will bring more trouble. Raina promises she won’t tell.

Meanwhile, Dre is still playing both sides and sets Tommy up by destroying his shipment of drugs. Basically, Dre and Cristobal set Tommy’s shipment on fire so now the suppliers are freaking out. Tommy thinks the Jimenezes did it and now he’s on the warpath. He plans to kill all of them with help from the Serbs. He also needs some dough soon though, because this is really not cool.


In other, but kind of related news, Tommy and Keisha are no more. Tommy Ghosted (no pun intended) on Keisha, and broke her heart. Keisha is being mature about it. Her take, as she relays the story to Tasha, is that she can’t keep going after the same types of guys and expecting different results. Now, here’s where this relates to Tommy. Tasha and Keisha agree to no longer launder money through the weave shop. Tommy discovers this when he asks Tasha to move some hair and cut him a check. That’s when Tasha turns him down and informs him of her plans to go legit (but she does offer to teach him how to launder money). She also scolds him for playing Keisha. This prompts Tommy to pay Keisha a visit to explain the drama that has been going on in his life–you know, discovering the identity of his father and then his shipment getting destroyed. He’s still trying to play her, but he’s desperate and he wants to convince Keisha to let him launder money through the weave shop again. Keisha ain’t stupid so she denies him.


Speaking of getting played, James is getting played by Stern. Surprise! Jame’s buddy Councilman Tate helps him to make sense of the shady deal he signed up for and as a result, James channels Ghost and starts playing dirty right back with Councilman Tate’s help. Basically, Tate helps Jamie get a bigger stake in the deal he made with Stern, but hold that thought.

It’s the night of the justice gala. Tariq and Raina have a school dance on the same night but before things jump off, Tommy stops by the St. Patrick residence to get some clean money from James. James ends up writing a check, but not before they get into it because Ghost is frustrated with the fact that Tommy is not only high on coke in his house, but that he’s generally being sloppy and hot-headed.

Later on Tommy finds Dre curses him out, because he needs a scapegoat (even though he chose the right one), and tells him he doesn’t need him. This works out for Dre because now he can go work for the Jimenezes freely.


Tasha and her boo Silver kick it at Silver’s house with each other instead of going to the gala. Angela and James come face to face again and we get the memo from Captain Obvious that James and Angela are still in love with each other.


And then we get back to Councilman Tate. Stern was right, we can’t trust him either. Basically, Tate rolls up on Jamie and tells him that he owes him now too. You know, for getting him a bigger cut on the Stern deal. Basically, James is on notice for yet another favor that will probably drag him deeper into the criminal underworld.

Now we’re at the school dance. It turns out that Destiny is Ray Ray’s cousin. He gets her to lure Tariq outside under the guise that she wants to see him off before he goes to Connecticut. Tariq heads outside and Destiny isn’t there. Ray pulls up instead. Tariq runs and then sweet, naive, Raina comes out looking for Tariq, but she finds Ray Ray. She steps to Ray Ray and tells him that she knows who he is and says his name and that he better leave Tariq alone. Ray Ray shoots Raina dead. Tariq, who was hiding, watched this whole thing unfold.




RIP Raina St. Patrick.

Next week Ghost is about to rain hell down on any and everyone who may have been involved in the death of his baby girl.


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