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Many try but not everyone is skilled in the art of getting turnt-up. When the music thumps, adrenaline pumps and everyone is feeling the same vibe, it’s near impossible to resist the urge to release every ounce of repressed energy on the dancefloor. No city has mastered this like the land of turnt-up-palooza–New Orleans.

Social media superstar Jamal Jimoh hit the streets of “N’awlins” to ask the pros what inspires them to turn up higher than anyone else and we were not disappointed. If there’s one absolute thing you will take away from this episode, it’s that no one can get a party started like a true New Oleanian.

Our interviewees spoke candidly about their turn-up secrets with one being so outrageous Jamal couldn’t even charm it out of her on camera. It left us all wondering if we’ve been doing this party thing wrong the whole time.  

What inspires you to turn up? Drop your answers in the comment section below and you might just help someone get their party game up.