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As we get further into the fourth season of Starz’s highest-rated show Power, so much has happened that it may be hard to keep track of all the jaw-dropping, unforgettable moments. There have been multiple murders, betrayals, infidelity and imprisonment in the drama series’ first three seasons, as viewers are pulled into the life of drug-dealer-trying-to-go-straight and nightclub owner James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

Power never shies away from the excess sex, violence and the harsh realities of street life, even when you are trying to distance yourself from that lifestyle as much as possible, which is a task that Ghost has been trying to pull off unsuccessfully for three seasons. Now as season four begins he has been stripped of everything that matters to him as he is now a prison inmate: his love affair with Angela is over, his nightclub empire is up in smoke and his son has been completely corrupted by his number one enemy. However, before we get into that, let’s countdown some of the most unforgettable moments that got us obsessed with Ghost, Tasha, Tommy, Angela and the rest of the Power cast. Find out if your favorite moment made the list!

James St. Patrick “Becomes” Ghost 

In the very first episode of the series, Power sets the stage for viewers to be lured into the flashy, complicated and violent world of New York City nightclub owner and drug kingpin James St. Patrick. Throughout the episode you quickly recognize that his business dealings aren’t legit, but it’s what happens towards the episode’s end that drives the future of the series. As he leaves his nightclub Truth to handle some “business,” he goes out back and kills an enemy, getting splattered blood on his very expensive suit in the process. However, after a quick change in the elevator he heads back to the club totally put together…letting viewers know that James St. Patrick and his street persona “Ghost” are two very different people.

Kanan Is Behind “Pink Sneakers” 

Ghost has faced many enemies throughout the course of the series, but none are as menacing, violent and cutthroat as his former partner Kanan. In the first season, there are a host of attacks/murders carried out by a woman who wears pink sneakers, towards the season’s end it is revealed that Kanan, while in jail, has been behind it all, telling her exactly what to do to exact his sinister revenge on Ghost.

Tommy Learns Angela’s Job

From the start Ghost’s best friend and right-hand-man in the drug game, Tommy, has never approved of his affair with Angela. He tried repeatedly to get him to end it and go back home to his wife and kids. So needless to say, when he learned her true identity, that she is a federal prosecutor, he is livid and tries to get her out the picture before she discovers his business dealings with Ghost.

Kanan’s Out 

Officially out of prison, Kanan returns home under the guise of wanting to return to the drug game courtesy of his former partners Ghost and Tommy. In reality, his plan is to kill Ghost once and for all. Never getting over Ghost being the reason he went to jail, Kanan is on a mission to ruin Ghost’s life from the inside before he pulls the trigger, including manipulating his son Shawn and Tommy to turn on Ghost.

Angela Finds Out Who Ghost Really Is

In one of the most gut-wrenching scenes from the series, federal prosecutor and Ghost’s mistress, Angela Valdez finds out the true identity of drug kingpin Ghost, who she has been trying to take down, and is devastated to learn it is indeed her lover James St. Patrick. Her uncontrollable sobs in the restroom are enough to make you shed a tear…but then you remember she’s knowingly sleeping with a married man.

Shawn’s Murder

Shawn was not built for the streets, so it’s not surprising that he met an untimely demise on the series. However, it’s who kills him that’s jaw-dropping. Yes, the devil incarnate, also known as Kanan, shot his only son straight in the head with absolutely no remorse because of Shawn’s loyalty to Ghost.

Ghost Drops Bodies

In an effort to leave the drug game for good, Ghost is revealed to be behind a string of murders of practically all of his drug affiliates, as he acts out several bloody deaths beneath a black hoodie. This lets viewers know that despite his gentle nature, there are definitely two sides to him and if need be he can be as deadly and savage as anyone on the street.

Tommy Must Kill Ghost

At the instruction of kingpin Lobos, Tommy must kill Ghost or get killed, of course this would never actually happen. Tommy loves Ghost far too much to ever do such a thing despite being at odds with his best friend, but viewers are left on the edge of their seat right up until the end when it appears that he might. In the end, he doesn’t pull the trigger, but the friendship is severely damaged as a result.

Bye, Holly

Next to supervillain Kanan, the second most hated person on Power is Tommy’s thieving, manipulative girlfriend Holly. She was on a quest to double-cross Ghost, get him killed and take his money, while lying to Tommy the whole time. It was fitting that she died at the hands of the one person who was always on her side, Tommy…and viewers rejoiced!

Angela And Ghost Are Over

During the middle of season three, Ghost decides to end his relationship with his mistress Angela, not because he doesn’t love her, but for her own safety. Fans of the couple (yes, they exist) see just how deeply the love between these two goes, as each is seen crying on the opposite sides of the door…Angela loudly, Ghost silently.

Kanan Makes A New Friend


Unfortunately Kanan did not die in the fire at the end of season two and he resurfaces in season three even more vengeful than before. This time he decides to move in mystery, letting the world think he is dead as he plans to take Ghost out once again. He uses a very close and impressionable ally in his revenge plot…Ghost’s teenage son Tariq and the results are immediate.

The Mole Unmasked – If there was ever an instance of hiding in plain sight, it’s finding out the identity of the mole that the Feds (Angela included) have been desperately searching for. As the third season nears its end, it is revealed that the mole is corrupt FBI agent Mike Sandoval, who is also a former cohort of the deceased Lobos. When Sandoval kills fellow agent Knox, it causes ripple effect that leads to Ghost’s arrest.

Ghost Goes To Jail

After their breakup, Angela has been feeling some type of way about Ghost because she doesn’t know his true intentions. So, when she starts up her fling with Greg Knox again shortly before his death, she’s convinced that Ghost killed him out of jealously. This leads her to have him arrested in the middle of Truth, on what was supposed to be a huge night for the club professionally. Which brings us to the present, Ghost is in jail because Angela has falsely accused him of murder, while the real murderer is in her office every day.


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