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What if a little girl told you she didn’t think she was pretty because of insensitive comments someone made towards her? What if that little girl was your daughter or someone you really loved? Well, a mother recently took some time to sit down and have a real talk with her daughter who was being teased by her schoolmates about her looks. Blogger Roz the Creator shared this recent experience she had with her daughter on her Instagram page to encourage moms everywhere that they are beautiful and their children are beautiful too.

Roz’s daughter, Lauren was picked on at school by so called “friends” who made fun of her teeth, calling them ‘ugly.’ Roz made sure her daughter knew right away how to think and feel about herself, telling her ” I assured her that she was beautiful regardless if she had NO TEETH there. Secondly, your friends will never make fun of you. You are beautiful and I am not just saying that because I am your mother I am telling you this because it’s true.”

Roz also asserted that real friends wouldn’t say those kinds of things and vows to remind Lauren that she is truly beautiful. Hats off to you, Roz and hugs to you, Lauren!

It’s important to instill these types of self-values as early as possible. Children encounter so much on a daily basis and many times parents are not aware of what they go through. Fortunately, Lauren was able to be open with her mom and tell her what was happening with her.

Do you have a similar experience? We’d love to hear about it!


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